Samsung's Galaxy Home To Launch In April


Samsung has finally released a timeframe for the release of their Galaxy Home smart speaker with Bixby built in.

According to Samsung co-CEO DJ Koch, they would be launching the Galaxy Home in April of this year.

It's been some time since we've heard the company talk about this device. It was announced last August alongside the new Note 9, but ever since that event, nothing has been heard from Samsung related to the product. Its been seen at many trade shows, but visitors are never allowed to interact with it.

Samsung will have a tuff time entering the smart home speaker market, something already dominated by the likes of Amazon and Google. Even Apple who launched the HomePod last year is having a very tuff time shipping a reasonable amount of the speakers to consumers.

Currently, the most significant selling feature is not how good the speaker is for audio, but how good the assistant contained within it is. Google and Amazon have a huge head start in this category with advanced assistants who can connect to a number of other smart home devices and other services. Samsung is going to have a tuff time entering that market and making any dent in the major players.

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