Samsung Working on Two More Folding Phone Designs for Next Year


Samsung isn't done innovating when it comes to folding phones as its CEO recently stated Samsung is working on two other folding phone designs for the near future.

The first design would have the folding phone top to bottom like an old school flip phone. It would feature the folding display on the inside of the fold, and a small screen on the outside. It's a pretty good idea to bring back the highly popular flip phone design as it keeps the device small for storage but still allows for a nice screen size while in use.

Source: Android Authority

Second up would be a device similar to the recently announce Huawei Mate X which features the folding display on the outside. This design would allow for a larger overall display when folded and unfolded. It would also be thinner and lighter than the currently announced Samsung Galaxy Fold. When in development Samsung had toyed with the idea of releasing this version before the Fold we see today.

Both these version of folding smartphones could be announced next year, adding to Samsungs lineup of folding phones for the future. Though Samsung isn't just looking at folding phones for their future devices. In a recent interview, the CEO of Samsung stated their researching phones which have rolling displays and others which can stretch.

All this news points to Samsung going full steam ahead into the folding display world for smartphones. It's possible in a few years Samsung could lead the market when it comes to smartphones with multiple different folding designs.

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