Samsung To Open Three Retail Locations


According to a new report Samsung is planning on entering the retail game with their own designated Samsung Experience Store.

These new locations will offer visitors the opportunity to get hands-on experience with Samsungs current product line, along with access repair services, and get help with the devices they already own.

The first three stores are expected to open next week on the same day as the Unpacked Event, February 20th. The first three stores will be located in Los Angeles, Long Island, and Houston.

Samsung is also planning what they are calling a "pop-up tour" which will see the company touring across the US to promote their latest generation of products.

My Take

It's great to see Samsung taking this course of action. A few years ago I would have said this was merely Samsung following the path of Apple, but now I think its an essential step for major tech brands to create their own retail experience for customers, and more importantly a place for current owners to bring devices to get help and repairs.

The Microsoft store is a prime example of this. Having visited them many times now, I enjoy the overall experience. If I were more of a Windows users, this would be a great place not only to check out the latest Surface hardware, which I think looks great but also get help and repairs on my devices. This is something I often do with the Apple stores, and I believe other significant manufacturers should do the same.

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Google are the three companies I see who could benefit from having their dedicated retail locations. Looking at the success of the Apple store I think its possible for any important tech brand to have a retail location for their users to enjoy, and for those curious of the products to come and get a hands-on experience.

Source: Engadget

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