Samsung Has Build A Vertical TV For Millennials


Samsung has built a TV for the millennials, and yes, it's vertical.

You've watched the stories, You've seen Instagram TV, and now Samsung is ready to start selling a TV made especially for vertical video.

Called the Sero this new 43 inch TV can be viewed in 16:9 or turned 90 degrees for viewing content in vertical. Samsung says this phone is designed for the millennial generation who is used to watching and recording material vertically.

Not only can you watch vertical video on this TV, but you can easily mirror your phone to the display, which is possibly one of the only useful reasons to have a 9:16 screen.

Beyond watching a video and looking at your phone, the display can be used as a large photo frame or music visualizer.

The Sero will go on sale at the end of May in South Korea for $2150 CAD ($1600 USD).

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