Samsung Galaxy Fold has been fixed and is ready for release, but will it work longer than a week this time?


Samsung is ready to try it again with the Galaxy Fold as it appears Samsung has fixed two of the most significant issues with the review units.

The first issue Samsung has fixed is what appeared to be a screen protector, but was instead a very crucial component of the display. Samsung has since set this making it much harder to remove this protective layer. Not only that but they have hidden the edges of the layer closer to the sides of the display so you can't quickly get your fingernails under it and pull the covering off.

Source: The Verge

Source: The Verge

The second fix has to do with the gaps on the top and bottom of the Fold, where the screen folds over. When the device is folded closed, there were significant gaps at the top and bottom, which could let debris in behind the display. This is something many early reviewers noted, and this causes a bump to appear under the screen near the hinge. After some time this bump ended up applying too much pressure on the screen causing it to fail. Samsung has worked to make the gaps at the top and bottom much smaller, thus preventing dust or debris from getting in behind the display.

These two issues were the main concerns from reviewers all over the internet a few weeks ago. So much so that Samsung pulled the devices from reviewers hands to address the issues.


Now with the launch of the Galaxy Fold pushed back, it will still be interesting to see what this second version of the Fold will be like. Did Samsung fix the issues, or will some customers still experience these problems?

It's not uncommon for first-generation devices to have some issues, but when your paying $2,666 CAD ($1980 USD) for a smartphone it should probably work for more than a few days even if its first generation hardware.

Only time will tell if these newer devices fair better, or they too fail to meet expeditions. The only thing I know for sure is the future of folding devices rests of the future of the Galaxy Fold. With it being the first device out of the gate if it doesn't work well for customers, it could turn people off of the idea of folding displays for years to come.

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