Samsung Galaxy Fold Could Be Released In June


These past two weeks have not been great ones for Samsung as the company seeded their first review units of the Galaxy Fold to journalists, only to discover a number of them failed to last longer than a few days.

Due to the issues experienced by reviewers, on Monday Samsung announce they would be delaying the shipment of the Galaxy Fold devices until they could look into the problems discovered by reviewers.

Originally the Galaxy Fold was the be released to customers at the end of April, but now according to a tweet from AT&T Samsung could be targeting a June 13th release.

It's unclear if Samsung will have time to fix affected units, or they are just planning on shipping the same devices, but by holding off on the launch maybe the news surrounding the failed devices will die down.

It will be interesting to see what the first actual customers think of the device and if it lasts longer than a few hours in their hands. After paying over $2,000 for the phone I certainly would hope it lasts a long, long time, but currently, that seems like it might be too much to ask.

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