Samsung Ditching Plastic Packaging In The Future


Samsung announced yesterday that they would be replacing plastic packaging on their smartphone and larger home electronics with paper and other environmentally sustainable materials.

This switch should take place in the first half of this year and will see that by the year 2030 over 500,000 tons of recycled plastics will be used for their packaging.

Samsung has created an internal task group to come up with innovative new packaging which will take advantage of the reusable sources. One solution is to replace the tray your new Samsung phone lays in the box on with one made from pulp. They also plan on removing the plastic wrapping on their phone charger, and even switching out the large plastic bags their appliances are shipped in for ones made by fully recycled plastics.

The company has also agreed only to use fibre materials coming from the first stewardship council, programme for the endorsement of forest certification scheme, and the sustainable forest initiative for packaging by 2020.

Source: Samsung

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