Samsung Could Stop Using Galaxy S Names Next Year


The future Samsung Galaxy S11 may not be called that. According to a new report Samsung is looking at changing their flagship naming convention following this year's phones.

The report coming out of Yonhap News Agency in Korea states Samsung is considering the name change because the S11, S12, & S13 may be hard for customers to pronounce.

Samsung is aware that after the S10, people may not like the longer names that will come with two-digit numbers if we stick to the current system. Nothing has been decided although the company is looking at options that can appeal to consumers.

It's unclear what the company would change the phones to be called instead. I have a hard time seeing Samsung ditch its highly popular "Galaxy" brand. If they aren't going to use the number to differentiate the years they may switch to using words, or maybe even just using the year. Next year we may see the "Samsung Galaxy 2020" which doesn't sound that bad.

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