Samsung Caught Again Using DSLR Photos as Smartphone Example


For the second time, Samsung has been caught trying to pass off professional DSLR photos as ones shot on their smartphones.

The photo in question was shot and stars professional photographer Dunja Djudjic who uploaded the picture to the stock photo site EyeEm.

It appears Samsung PR bought a license to the photo from the website, then proceeded to cut out Dunja and replace the background with a different picture.

Original DSLR photo

Original DSLR photo

Photo from Samsungs website

Photo from Samsungs website

Not only that, but they proceeded to fake blur the background to better show off the Galaxy A8 Star phones portrait mode.

Samsungs website does state "images are for reference only," but this is a pretty deceiving for potential buyers.

When you visit a phone website looking at what the camera can do, you expect photos shot by that camera to be the ones shown off, not something from a professional camera.

This isn't the first time Samsung PR has tried to pull a fast one on people. This past summer the company bought stock images from Getty and used them in an advertising campaign also as reported by Cult of Mac.

Story Source: Diy Photography

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