Samsung Announces 1 Terabyte Flash Storage Chip


Samsung is making a big step in the flash storage market as the company has announced today that it will start to offer the worlds first 1 Terabyte embedded universal flash storage for smartphone manufacturers.

This new chip allows phones to have up to 1TB of storage on a single flash memory chip. This was previously not possible with the most memory available at 512GB. This new chip also happens to be the same size as the 512GB version making it easier for phone manufacturers to build it into their phones without much modification.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 9.49.07 AM.png

Samsung has also touted that the chip features a 1000MB per second transfer rate, that's 10X faster than traditional microSD cards.

Just last year Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9 and market the phone as being 1TB ready, as it had 512GB's of internal storage, and could handle another 512GB on a MicroSD card. This year we could see the upcoming Galaxy S10 feature 1TB of internal storage with possibly the option for more room using a MicroSD card.

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