Rivian Patent Shows Digital Jerry Can Battery Mounted In The Truck Box


A new patent by electric vehicle startup Rivian shows their upcoming R1T with an additional battery pack located in the box which could add 100 miles of range.

Referred to by Rivian as the "Digital Jerry Can" this additional battery would be easily mounted in the box of the electric pickup truck, and would add an addition 100 miles (160km) of range to the vehicle. In its highest configuration that means the R1T would have a range of just over 500 miles (804km).


The patent also shows how the battery pack would easily mount into the box of the truck allowing users to connect it up and go quickly. The battery will plug right into the truck and also use the integrated cooling systems to ensure this additional battery is kept at the opportune temperate.

Along with the easy mounting and dismounting of the battery, the truck will adjust the ride height, strewing, and other factors to account for the additional weight in the box.

“When outfitted with the auxiliary battery, the electric vehicle can detect the fact that the auxiliary battery is attached to (e.g., mounted in) the electric vehicle (e.g., in cargo bed) and automatically set one of the multiple predetermined feature sets, e.g., that pertain to driving performance of the electric vehicle. Such feature sets may set, for example, certain suspension characteristics appropriate for the attachment of the auxiliary battery, such as, e.g., a setting for firmness of ride of the vehicle, braking performance/sensitivity, nominal suspension height, effective steering ratio, etc.”

The R1T (Truck) and R1S (SUV) come in three different battery sizes: 105 kWh, 135 kWh, & 180 kWh. Rivian is targeting the higher end truck and SUV market with these new vehicles hoping to compete against the GMC Denali, F150, and Land Rover Discovery.

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