Rivian Electric Vehicles Can Charge Each Other

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With the future of electric vehicles, there is always the worry that you run out of juice while away from a charger. But with if your friend also has an electric vehicle, is it possible to transfer power from one to the other? According to Rivian, their upcoming electric vehicles will do just that.

During an interview with The Drive Rivian Chief R.J. Scaringe stated that “Rivian-to-Rivian” charging would be a feature on their upcoming SUVs and Trucks.

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The R1S and R1T are expected to be released in 2020 and will be some of the first all-electric pickup trucks on the market. The addition of vehicle to vehicle charging is a great solution to help someone else out in a time of need. Rivian has also announced their vehicles will support a type of digital gas can with a battery pack which can be added into the vehicle to add additional range.

Rivian has promised a lot with their first generation electric vehicles and only time will tell if they can accomplish all their goals by 2020.

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