Reserve Your Samsung S10 Before Its Announced


Less than ten days out from the announcement of their new phone Samsung is already allowing users to reserve their shiny new S10 smartphone, even though they haven't announced it.

The reservation page says "We know you know what is coming soon" an apparent reference to the fact that the upcoming S10 phones have leaked like crazy over the past few months, and little details are left to be revealed by the company at their February 20th event.


If your someone who can't wait for the announcement or already knows you want this new phone then it's a pretty good deal for you. Once you fill out the form on Samsungs site with your name, email, zip code, and preference of provider you will be provided with a $50 credit for accessories from the Samsung store along with a guaranteed delivery date of March 8th.

Once the phone is announced and available for pre-order, you'll have 72 hours to make the purchase and keep your reservation.

This deal expires on February 20th so if your thinking about buying the new S10 and want to get it on launch day this is defiantly something you should take advantage of.

Reservation Link: Samsung

Source: AndroidCentral

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