RED's Hydrogen Two Smartphone To Feature Much Improved Camera


RED could try for a second time to build a smartphone, but this time the phone will feature RED camera technology, unlike the first version.

In a forum post last night RED founder Jim Jannard started that for the next model RED's camera team will be "fully in charge" of the camera system on the smartphone. This was one major gripe with the first version of the Hydrogen One. RED, a company, best known for their cameras, used off the shelf parts for the camera on the smartphone. This resulted in lacklustre results.

This new Hydrogen Two smartphone will be a radical change compared to the first version. It will ditch the holographic 4V display and will feature improved camera technology turning the smartphone into a pro level camera.

The removal of the holographic 4V display makes a lot of sense. It was one of the strangest additions to the smartphone when it was initially announced. It seemed like something out of 2012 when all the phone makers were attempting to build 3D displays into their devices following the trend of TVs. Only a few years later and 3D was dead, and so were the phones which featured it. So for RED to decided to ship a smartphone with this type of feature was very strange.

One big question now is what will happen to the current Hydrogen One? And will it ever get those modules? RED initially announced for the phone? Last week RED updated their website and removed all references to the modules that could be added to the Hydrogen One sparking confusion in users that possibly they were cancelled.

From the information released in the forum post and the removal of the modules on RED's website it seems to make sense that the company is working entirely on this new second-generation smartphone instead of working on the modules for the first phone.

Its also possible RED could do some form of trade in program for customers who bought the first generation Hydrogen One so they can upgrade to the new Hydrogen Two phone when it's released, but that's just se=peculation at this time.

Overall it will be interesting to see what this second generation RED smartphone will be like. Truthfully all the company has to do is build a great camera, with a smartphone attached. Don't worry about anything else. The RED smartphone would produce the best photos and video possible on a smartphone, and if they can't do that, I don't see any reason they should continue building smartphones.

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