Qualcomm And Apple End Their Lawsuits


The fight between Apple and Qualcomm has come to an end, three years after it first started.

The two companies have agreed to settle all their ongoing lawsuits against one another for an undisclosed amount of money being paid by Apple to Qualcomm.

Along with the large payment, Apple will be using Qualcomm wireless modems for the next six years in their devices. This means the 2019 iPhones could once again feature Qualcomm modems, something that hasn't happened since the iPhone 7.

Initially, Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm over their patent licensing stating that because they were the dominant supplier, they could charge higher prices without competition.


Qualcomm quickly fired back at Apple banning iPhone sales in Germany and China which used the companies patents. This affected the iPhone 7 and older devices which were pulled from Apples only stores, and their physical store locations.

Over the past three years, Apple has instead turned to Intel for its wireless modems, but those have not met the standards Apple would like. Intel's modems are slower and lack the 5G compatibility which Apple is looking into for the future.

The end of this lawsuit not only will mean faster modems in this years iPhones, but it could allow the iPhone to switch to 5G a lot faster in the future.

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