Premiere Pro Bug Is Blowing Out Users Computer Speakers


A new bug with Adobe's Premiere Pro CC editing software is blowing out users MacBook Pro speakers.

Multiple users recently started reporting the bug on Adobe's Premiere Pro CC forums and after some investigation, it appears audio plugins could be at fault. Tools for cleaning up background audio and enhancing speech could be creating a feedback look with the MacBook Pros internal microphone causing the speakers to be overloaded to blow out.

I have a new 2 month old 15″ MBP. I Was working on a project, macbook volume was about on half, when suddenly an audio bug occurred with really loud screatching noise and not letting me pause it. After it stopped, the speakers were really quiet, and after the next restart they’re clearly blown.

I just blew my speakers (Macbook Pro 15″ 2018) on Adobe Premiere. They are permanently Damaged. I was using the Adobe Premiere 2019 Audio suite for background sound and while tweaking the settings it made a loud distorted noise that hurt even my ears. after that my speakers are unusable.

That happened to me as well. Both times I put a song in the timeline and went to adjust the volume and it made a horrible loud noise and blew my speakers. I couldn’t mute it or anything.

Adobe reps currently recommend that users ensure their MacBook Pro's microphone is disabled in the program's settings before using these audio enhancement plugins.

You can disable the microphone yourself by going to:

Preferences > Audio Hardware > Default Input > No Input

This should prevent your MacBook Pro from creating the feedback loop and thus stop it from blowing out the speakers.

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