Apple launches new iPhone XR Sales Push


Visitors to Apple’s website Sunday were greeted with a rather strange message at the top of Apple’s home page, a Limited Time Offer.

This isn't something you usually see on Apple's homepage. If you traded in your old iPhone 7 Plus you could get up to $300 off a new iPhone XR. Regularly priced at $749 USD, but for a limited time available for $449 USD.

In the past, Apple has stated the iPhone XR has been the most popular iPhone each and every day since it became available but a limited time offer like this seems to put that statement into doubt.

Other reports have pointed to production cuts and slow sales of all 2018 iPhones, so the iPhone XR may be the best selling phone overall this year for Apple, but all told this might not be an excellent time for Apples iPhone sales numbers.

My Take

I feel this is a representation of the slowing smartphone market. As more and more people buy smartphones, and the price of them continues to climb more people are prolonging their upgrade cycle. A number of years ago people would upgrade their phone each year, or 2 years. Now we're seeing people go 2 - 3 years between phones. This is not only because of cost but just the functions new smartphones are offering. Even for myself, I find it harder and harder to justify buying a new phone each year because frankly, the features are just not good enough for me to spend over $1000 to have a new shiny phone when my current version works just fine.

Curtis Paradis
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