Porsche & BMW unveil faster EV charger than Tesla

A research group from Porsche and BMW have unveiled a new 450 kW prototype charging station in Germany today with the capability to add 100km of range in just 3 minutes.

This is a breakthrough for electric car charging. Currently, Tesla's charging network has a capacity of 145 kW, but they are working on upgrading their network to 250 kW next year.

BMW also demoed charging their i3 car from 10% to 80% in just 15 minutes. These charging speeds could increase the number of people thinking about buying an electric car if you could recharge your car while on a road trip in just a few minutes that would be much better than wasting an hour at the charging station.

Only time will tell though if these fast chargers currently make their way across the globe. It's one thing to show off a demo; it's another to roll it out across the world for users to take advantage of.