Pixel Call Screening Beta Comes To Canada


Google's fancy call screening technology is expanding into Canada today, as Google announced a Bet version of Call Screening is now available for Pixel 2 & 3 users in Canada.

The new Beta app available within the Google Play Store allows the Google Assistant to answer any unusual incoming calls, and proceed to ask the caller some questions before passing the phone call onto you. This helps to reduce the number of spam calls you receive throughout the day.

The feature was first announced last fall alongside the Pixel 3 announcement and was soon after expanded to include the Pixel 2 smartphone.

At this time the Beta version of the app only supports the English language hence why its in Beta in Canada. For the app to come out of Beta, it will need to support Canada's two national languages English & French.

If you are in Canada and own a Pixel 2 or 3, you can download the Beta phone app today and try it out. Play Store Link

Source: Google Blog

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