Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel Watch Could Launch This Year


A new report suggests that Google will launch the much rumoured, and leaked, Pixel 3 Lite later this year, but the report also proposes a new Pixel Watch could be in the works putting Google in competition with Apple in the smartwatch world.

The Pixel 3 Lite has been leaked over the past few months with photos and specs for the upcoming device leaking online before Google could even announce them.

The rumoured upcoming Pixel 3 Lite will feature:

  • 5.6-inch IPS Display
  • 4GB Ram
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • Snapdragon 670 Processor
  • Cost less than $749 iPhone XR

Going along with the rumoured release of the Pixel 3 Lite the Japanese business title suggests Google is working on a new version of the Google Home, A new security camera, and a smartwatch to compete against Apple.


Google fans have been waiting for a Google-made smartwatch for some time. Especially considering the current market for Wear OS smartwatches is rather slim. With many devices being underpowered and not delivering on the dream of an Android-based smartwatch to compete against the Apple Watch.

It will be interesting to see what Google has planned for 2019 hardware. The Pixel 3 Lite seems like a for sure announcement by the company, but the smartwatch is a different story. Very little in the way of leaks have come out about the device and it's more of hope by many in the Android world that Google would build their own smartwatch.

Source: The Verge

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