Philips Hue Adds New Outdoor Lights


Philips today has announced they are adding more outdoor lights to their Hue lineup. Last year Philips had announced the first few smart outdoor lights with both white and multicolour options allowing users to expand their hue lights to many new outdoor spaces.

The new lights offered today include two new wall mounted lantern designs, a single wall mounted box design and a new floodlight. To work alongside the new lights is a new outdoor motion sensor capable of detecting motion up to 39 feet away, along with recognizing the current light conditions outside to ensure your lights only turn on when its dark.

The lights will go on sale in February starting at $110 for the lanterns, and the sensor will cost $49.

Philips has also announced they have worked to add more Google Assistant integrations into their app allowing your alarm clock to fade up the lights at the proper time.