Petro Canada rolling out its own electric vehicles chargers at gas stations


Petro Canada is one of the first Canadian gas station brands to begin rolling out electric vehicle charging at their gas stations.

Petro Canada who was once owned by the Canadian government and now owned by Suncor Oil is making a big move into the future where more electric cars are on the roads by deploying their first chargers at the Milton Ontario location.

A local EV owner reported back to Electrek with the state of the new chargers:

“There are two stations. Each station has two plugs. The CCS has a label 200 kW, and the CHAdeMO one is 100 kwW So far they are testing and getting feedback, so there is no cost to charge. I only have a 2018 leaf so can’t tell if the 100 kW is true as the Leaf’s max charge rate when the temp is not too hot is 45 kW.”

Petro Canada isn't the only Oil and Gas company working to add electric vehicle chargers to their stations across the world. Shell has already announced and begun to build out a network of chargers at locations in Europe.

As more people buy electric vehicles, it's going to be more critical for gas stations to remain relevant and a simple way to do that is to offer charging at their locations. Especially when it comes to Canada, long road-trips are commonplace and stopping to charge at a gas station is not only a great opportunity to charge the car, but also stretch your legs, use the washroom and buy some items from the convenience store.

Source: Electrek

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