North Acquires AR Glasses Patents From Intel


North has announced they have acquired a technology portfolio from Intel related to AR Smart Glasses.

Intel had recently been working on their Vaunt smart glasses but struggled to find a partner to bring the glasses to market and thus stopped development.

North has announced they are working on their Smartglasses called Focals which will be released to the public soon but insisted the acquisition of the Intel patents was for a defensive position to safeguard them in the future.

North's Focals Smartglasses currently use a small laser built into the arms of the glasses to project an image onto the lens of the glasses allowing the wearer to view incoming text messages, or weather information without looking at their phone.

It's also worth noting that Intel Capital is a significant investor in North, so it's unclear how much North for the patents on this technology, or if it was part of the investment made by Intel in the company.

North has opened stores in Toronto and New York allowing people to try on the glasses and get them fitted before pre-ordering a pair for $999.

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