Nintendo Could Be Working On A Cheaper Version Of The Switch


Nintendo appears to be looking to develop a new smaller and cheaper version of the Switch to attract more to buy the console hopefully.

During the companies earnings report yesterday, Nintendo announced they had sold 32 million switch devices around the world, meaning the console is closing in on the Nintendo 64 to overtake it as the most sold gaming device by the company.

An excellent way for the company to do that would be a new cheaper and smaller version of the Switch. This new device would be focused more on portability for users. This could mean the device would ship without the TV dock in the box, though you could buy one separately, it may also feature a smaller display and non-removable controllers on the side.


Losing all these features of the main switch would not only differentiate it enough but also lower the cost possibly attracting more users to the platform, and thus increasing the sales for Nintendo.

So far no information has leaked as to how much the new console would cost, or when it could be announced or launched, though I would suspect it would be launching in time for the 2019 holiday season to cash in on that fruitful time of year.

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