New Touch ID Patent Could Turn Your Whole Display Into A Scanner


It seems like Apple isn't quite done with Touch ID as the company has just filed a new patent for a technology that would allow the entire front display glass on the iPhone to act as the Touch ID sensor.

The patent called the "Acoustic pulse coding for imaging of input devices" would allow the iPhone to map your fingerprint wherever you placed it on the display glass. Unlike current Android phones which have in display fingerprint scanners, you wouldn't be limited to a small area on the display to scan your finger.

The system would work by implementing many acoustic transducers all around the perimeter of the device's screen. These would then be able to send out signals which would reflect off the ridges of your fingerprint and then be read by the transducers. With a number of these all working together they would be able to create a 3D render of your fingerprint that the system would then be able to compare to the one on file and either grant access to the phone or deny access.

It sounds pretty complicated but overall its a pretty fantastic idea to map the fingerprint. Instead of looking at it from underneath they are looking at it from all sides and combining all that data to recreate your fingerprint and then check it for security.

Now like all patents we see Apple file this doesn't exactly mean we will see it on any devices in the near future, but its rather interesting that Apple is still spending R&D time and money on researching Touch ID, something I thought they abandoned when they created Face ID.

Source: Apple Patent

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