New Tesla Model Y Details Leak


Tesla next vehicle will be the Model Y, but beyond the name and the fact it will be a small SUV very little has been known.

A new report coming out of Business Insider suggests the SUV will be based on the Model 3 drivetrain, with a hatchback design and a 3rd row of seats in the back.

Even though the vehicle hasn't been announced it appears Tesla is already ramping up internally for production.


The Gigafactory 1 in Nevada will be the location of the first production line expected to go live in June of 2020. This production line will ramp up through mid 2020 as Tesla is hoping to have 2000 units rolling off the line by September and 7000 by the end of 2020.


Thats not the only production location though. Tesla hopes to have Gigafactory 3 online by this time in China and production of the Model Y will start at that location in October 2020, with 5000 units produced per week by February 2021.

Overall this is a pretty ambitious plan from Tesla and when asked about this leaked document Tesla stated:

“The timelines and information shared here are outdated. When we have details to announce, we will certainly share them. In the meantime, we remain focused on Model 3, which we are excited to bring to Europe and China early next year,” - Tesla

My Take

The statement by Tesla is interesting, the fact that they don't dispute the overall plan points to the truth behind the leak the only changes I could see would be the timelines originally reported.

With the delays and issues with Model 3 production It's easy to assume Tesla will be either lowering their expected output for the first year of Model y, or possibly slowing the rollout of the Model Y.


Though Tesla has not announced the Model Y yet, I expect an event in the first half of 2019 where Elon Musk will take to the stage and show off the new SUV to the world.

We may also get an update on the Tesla Semi, and Roadster 2020 at this same event.