New Saskatchewan Regulations Pave The Way for Uber & Lyft


The Saskatchewan government has approved new regulations allowing ride-hailing companies to operate in the province finally.

Even with the new regulation going into law, there has been no word from Uber or Lyft about if or when they would start operating in the province and possibly what cities they would be operating in.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 8.48.53 PM.png

It's most likely they would start with Regina and Saskatoon but beyond that its hard to tell if the service would be rolled out to the smaller cities around the province.

With the announcement of the changing regulation, many local taxi companies were rather upset about the possible future competition citing safety concerns for future riders since there are fewer regulations for drivers of ride-hailing apps.

My Take

I'm happy to hear that Uber and Lyft could soon be operating in the largest cities in this province. I've used the service in the past while visiting other cities in Canada and the US and loved it. It's such a simple system open the app and book a ride. No calling a cab, and then trying to guess what the fair will be.

Do I feel sorry for the local cab drivers? yes and no. The reality is people wouldn't use Uber or Lyft so much if cabs were better. The simplicity of ride-hailing and the simple payment and rating system are something local cab companies need to adopt. If they aren't already looking into a similar app/service they will find a hard time staying real net as time goes on.

It sucks when people lose their jobs, but in the end, progress happens, and you either adapt or are left behind.