New Russian Regulator Filings Point To New iPad Mini


The rumours surrounding a refreshed iPad Mini continue to surface as today a new regulator filing out of Russia points to Apple working on an updated model of the small tablet.

According to a filing in the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Apple has received clearance to sell a new tablet computer in Russia.

Russian Filing Information

Russian Filing Information

This adds to the rumours that Apple has been working on a new updated version of the iPad mini which many had considered to be a dead product line up until this past year.

Just last year in March 2018 Apple updated the regular 9.7 inch iPad to support the Apple Pencil, but beyond that not much changed with the device. We could see a similar announcement this March with the iPad Mini and iPad updated with possibly a new processor, and more storage. A laminated display would also be a welcome addition to the device eliminating the air gap currently seen on the devices.

We will have to wait and see what Apple has to announce this year and how they plan to keep the iPad Mini alive in a world full of bigger and bigger phones.

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