New Rumour Suggests Airpods 2 Lunching March 28th


AirPods are back in the rumour mill this morning as a new report suggests that the second generation of the headphones could launch at the end of this month.

The rumour comes from the Spanish blog Applesfera who cites sources who are familiar with Apple’s product roadmap plans. The report also references a screenshot which shows Apple's stock management software and shows the AirPods as reaching their "end of life cycle" on March 28th.

At this time rumours surrounding AirPods appear to be all over the map. Some people suggest they will launch this month alongside the much-delayed AirPower charging mat. While others suggest, AirPods 2 could launch this fall alongside the new iPhones.

It's still too early to know when the headphones will launch. If your thinking about buying a pair now I would suggest you hold off until after this month. If you can't wait, the first generation AirPods are still a great purchase.

Source: Applesfera

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