New Patent Shows Off Apples AR Glasses


A new patent filed by Apple gives us a glimpse into the future to their much-rumoured AR glasses and some of the features they may have.

The patent approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office described as a "method for representing points of interest in view of a real environment on a mobile device." Its a rather long name, but the attached imagery gives us a clear look at what Apple is working on.

The first image shows off a type of glasses with AR information of the surrounding buildings overplayed on top. This looks a lot like a form of mapping application. Possibly a future update to Apple Maps will include this view allowing users to see reviews and information about nearby businesses. The second image in the patent appears to show off the same view but this time being generated on an iPhone.

Rumours surrounding Apples AR glasses have been slowly leaking out over the past few years. Its currently expected that Apple will announce the new glasses in 2020 or 2021. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has stated these new glasses will run a version of iOS and connect wirelessly to a users iPhone.

Currently between these patent filings and many company acquisitions and hiring many engineers away from Microsofts Hololens project its apparent Apple is working on some form of wearable augmented reality technology.

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