New iPod Touch Coming Tomorrow


This week could turn out to be the week of Apple announcements as Monday we saw the company announce new iPads, Tuesday we got new iMacs, and maybe Wednesday we will get an updated version of the iPod touch.

Its been rumoured for months that Apple is working on an updated version of the iPod touch since the current version on sale was released back in July of 2015.

The current iPod touch features the smaller 4-inch display first saw on the iPhone 5, and recently on the iPhone SE. It's powered by the A8 processor and has a home button without Touch ID.

These specs alone make it obvious the iPod touch needs some form of an update, or just to be discontinued.

It would make sense for Apple to keep the same form factor but add Touch ID to the home button, possibly upgrade the cameras on the back, and add a modern processor inside. The iPad Mini just got an update with the A12 processor, so maybe that's what we will see in the new iPod touch. Its also possible Apple will use the A10 or A11 as those are cheaper to manufacture, and the iPod touch doesn't need high processor power.

It would make sense for Apple to announce the new iPod touch this week following the other announcements bringing all their current product line up to spec for 2019.

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