New iPads Found In Indian Regulatory Database


New iPad Mini and 9.7 iPad are once again in the spotlight as two new iPad models have appeared in the Indian regulatory database.

The filing describes two tablets made by Foxconn in China with an Apple logo on the back. Similar to the regulatory filing that was found in Russia at the end of January.

The new iPad Mini 5 isn't expected to look much different on the outside. This update will merely be an internal spec bump to keep the tablet up to date and able to run future versions of iOS.

As for the new 9.7-inch iPad, this version will also get updated internals, but it could even get an updated outside appearance. The tablet could include a new 10-inch display and have a design similar to the recently announced iPad Pros.

Apple is expected to hold an event in the middle of March to announce their new streaming video service, and it's possible we could see the new iPads announced at the event along with the rumoured iPod Touch Update. Or the two could merely appear on the Apple store after the event without much fan fair.

Source: MySmartPrice

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