New Home Security Drone Is Set To Replace Your Guard Dog


Forget the guard dog outside your house, it's time to buy into the future with a home security drone to patrol your yard and catch potential troublemakers.

Sunflower Labs has announced they are working on a new outdoor security drone called "The Bee" which can fly autonomously around your yard to get video of troublemakers, while also landing back in its "Hive" to recharge and wait for the next incident in which it's needed.

The advanced security system depends on motion sensors called "Sunflowers" placed around your yard which will monitor for any motion. If they detect a credible threat, they will send an alert to your mobile phone, while also deploying the bee to check it out and transmit live video back to your smartphone.

Overall the system sounds pretty impressive, but it also comes with an impressive price tag. The entire security system will cost $100+ a month for users. This price may be a little steep, but it also includes replacement hardware in the event something happens, like The Bee ends up flying away into your neighbour's pool or something.

The drone security system is expected to be available starting in 2020 for those interested and willing to pay the high price.

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