New Gesture Navigation Shows Up In Android Q Beta

Image Source: Android Central

Image Source: Android Central

Last year with the announcement of Android Pie Google announced a new gesture-based navigation system for Android. A simple way for users to move between apps, the home screen, and the multitasking view. The initial version of this was considered to be somewhat clunky in design and many users resorted to disabling it and going back to the old Android navigation buttons. Now one year later Google appears to be trying again.

It is located deep inside the latest Android Q beta release there is a new section devoted to updated gestures for the navigation. These new options appear to emulate the gesture-based system Apple implemented on the iPhone X.

New Gestures Inside Apps:

  • Swipe Left & Right to move between open apps
  • Swipe Up to go home
  • Swipe Up and Hold to open Multitasking

New Gestures On Home Screen:

  • Swipe Up to open the app drawer
  • Swipe Down to open notification shade

Google has also been working on improving the animation with these gestures. They appear much smoother than past versions.

Currently, these new testers are only available on Pixel 1 & Pixel 2 devices which have root access to the OS. Pixel 3 root access is coming soon.

Source: XDA Developers

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