New Apple Patent Shows Off Their Possible Streaming Interface


A new patent published today shows what could be the new interface for Apple upcoming streaming service.

The new filing was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office today and is called the "TV Sidebar user Interface," and the included images clearly show off what could be the new interface.

On the left side of the screen, we can see this sidebar in question with items like Favourites, Channel Guide, Friends, Recently Watches, Genius, & Siri.

Favourites could be a way to find the content you have recently watched or often watch that the system deems essential to you.

Channel Guide could be interesting; it could be a way for Apple to display upcoming content or new content being released by 3rd parties on the service.

Friends could be one of the best new features. It appears to allow you to create a friend list and then be able to see what your friends have been watching, allowing for a great new way to recommend content without having to share links or even tell each other what you're watching.

Recently Watches again could be a way for the system to show you what you've been watching. It's hard to tell how this would be different from the Favourites at the top.

Last Genius could be a way for the system to recommend new content for you, and Siri would be a simple way to search the entire platform.

The patent also goes on to talk about how the interface would pull in information from other providers, similar to how the current TV app works on Apple TV. This could point to Apple possibly just replacing the current TV app with this new application and merging its streaming service and the streaming content of other providers into a straightforward app for users to use.

If recent rumours are to be believed this new Apple Video streaming service could be announced as soon as April. We will have to wait and see, but we may see an official announcement at a media even expected to happen in March where Apple will release new iPads and possibly a new iPod Touch.

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