Nest Guard Gains Google Assistant Abilities, Even Though It's Not Supposed To Have A Microphone


Google recently announced they would be bringing the Google Assistant to the Nest Guard home base station. This would allow the base station already located in your home to act like a Google Home or Google Home Mini. This is great for those interested in those products but what about the people who don't want one in their home.

When the Nest Guard was first announced, there was no mention of a microphone being built into the device. Two years later Google has decided to activate it, or at least tell us they are now just enabling it.

It's troubling to think that for the past two years you may have owned a device that you didn't know had a microphone in it, but yet it did.

What was Google's original plan for the Nest Guards microphone? If it was as an assistant device, why not enable it from the beginning. I suppose there is an element of future proofing the device, but its still creepy to think there has been a microphone is the device all along.

In 2019 maybe its just best to assume any device you buy this internet connected could have a microphone built into it and could be listening to our conversations even if we don't want them too.

Maybe there needs to be some new laws surrounding privacy and security that demands device makers let users know if there are microphones built into them.

In the end, as someone who owns smart speakers and has them all over the home, I'm not troubled with having them, but I am troubled about devices I didn't know about acting just like them.

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