Nest Forcing Password Resets On Users


Nest is taking a more significant step today to get users to reset their compromised passwords as the company is forcibly resetting select user passwords and forcing them to set up a new one in response to recent news of passwords being hacked.

Last week Nest sent out emails to affected users to go through the process of resetting their password and activating 2-factor authentification for added security as many Nest passwords were leaked online.

Without resetting the passwords users homes and devices could have been hacked into by outside sources to spy on the owners.

After what appears to be a slow response be by users Nest last night sent out emails to remaining compromised accounts telling them Nest would be forcibly resetting their accounts passwords and requiring them to set up a new one.

This is a good play by Nest in an attempt to keep their users' security safe, though it makes me wonder if they simply should have done this in the first place. Why risk users security when you could have easily fixed the problem. Yes, it's annoying for the users to have to reset their password, but it's far better than having someone spy on them using their in home security system.

If you own a home security system like Nest or Ring its essential to keep that password safe, enable 2FA where you can, and I would recommend that every couple of months to set up a new password. I understand this is annoying, but its much better than having your system hacked into and being spied on.

Source: The Verge

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