NASA Pushed Back Commercial Crew Launches


NASA has pushed back the commercial crew test launches for both Boeing and SpaceX. SpaceX will have their first test flight on March 2nd, and Boeing's first flight won't happen any earlier than April.

Pushing back the test launches allow for the completion of necessary hardware testing, data verification, NASA reviews, &training for flight and mission controllers.

These first test flights won't have astronauts onboard but will test the crafts flight worthiness and if they can dock to the ISS.

Current Commercial Crew Schedule:

  • March 2, 2019 - SpaceX Test Flight (uncrewed)
  • April 2019 - Boeing Orbital Flight Test (uncrewed)
  • May 2019 - Boeing Pad Abort Test
  • June 2019 - SpaceX In-Flight Abort Test
  • July 2019 - SpaceX Flight (crewed)
  • August 2019 - Boeing Flight (crewed)
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