Moto Razr Specs Leak Online Could Cost $1,500 For The Classic Design

Image Source:  Yanko Design

Image Source: Yanko Design

New information about the upcoming folding Motorola Razr phone has appeared online and though it won't have the highest specs out there its sure to be a showstopper design.

Motorola is working to bring back that icon design from the early 2000s with a brand new Moto Razr with a folding OLED display on the inside. The phone is currently under development with the new code name "Voyager."

According to an unidentified source speaking to XDA Developers the phone is expected to cost around $1,500 USD ($1,998 CAD) and could launch later this year.

Moto Razr Specs

  • Snapdragon 710 processor
  • 4-6gb ram
  • 64/128gb storage
  • 2730mAh battery
  • 6.2-inch vertically folding screen
  • 2142 x 876 display resolution
  • 800x600 external display (unknown size)
  • No camera information at this point
  • $1,500 expected cost (500 less than galaxy fold)

Image Source: Yanko Design

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