More Details Emerge About Motorola's Folding Razr Phone


Motorola's future folding phone will bring back the look and feel of the Moto Razr with the functionality of a modern smartphone even with some new features.

A new report states that Motorola's upcoming folding smartphone will feature a large folding display on the inside of a clamshell design. On the outside of the phone, there will be a second smaller display to show off notifications, a clock and even touch media controls. When the phone is folded open, this second display can be used as a type of trackpad for the larger internal screen.

When it comes to cameras, there will be two cameras. The first will be located near the small display on the outside of the phone. Another selfie camera will be found on the inside towards the top of the folding screen. There may even be a feature to show a countdown on the smaller screen for taking photos of others. Or the function to use the smaller display to take selfies using the higher performance external camera.

It's still unclear when Motorola will first show of this new futuristic phone but it sounds like the second coming of the Razr could be very very interesting and make many consumers excited about the bran once again.

Source: XDA Developers

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