Microsoft Working On New 'Lite OS' To Take On Chrome OS

Image Source:  David Breyer

Image Source: David Breyer

Microsoft could be working on another attempt at a lighter version of Windows called "Lite OS" to compete against Googles Chrome OS.

This new Lite OS would be designed for devices which don't necessarily need the full power of windows or the legacy support. Lite OS would run currently developed universal windows platform apps along with progressive web apps. The OS would also feature a traditional file manager and could support Win32 apps in the future.

Microsofts hope with this new operating system is to make it run better on smaller less powerful devices like tablets and possibly smartphones. It's been rumoured for years that Microsoft is working on a folding Surface type tablet that could double as a smartphone. This new Lite OS could be a perfect fit for that device.

This would also allow Microsoft to create a more straightforward product to be sold and used in schools. Chrome OS is highly prevalent in the education environment because of its ease of use and lower price.

Microsoft has tried something similar to this twice before. The first try was with Windows RT, designed to run only the universal windows apps, and primarily focused on the tablet market. It was a short-lived OS and was quickly replaced by Windows 10. Microsoft tried again with Windows 10 S, but still, users weren't interested in a dumbed down version of windows for their tablets and laptops.

The best option for Microsoft could be to release a new device, like the folding tablet, which uses this OS and shows off the real power of the universal Windows app platform.

Source: Petri

Image Source: David Breyer

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