Microsoft Working On New Dual Screen Surface Device


Microsoft is rumoured to be working on a brand new 2-in-1 device which will be smaller than its traditional tablets and may fill the void of the long lost Windows Phone.

The device codenamed Centauru is a dual screen device which Microsoft has been working on for several years. The device is currently being shown off in a prototype form to employees within the company and its rumoured to be launching sooner than we think.

Microsoft has worked on a similar device in the past. The Courier was also designed to be a dual screen touch screen device to take on the iPad back before the days of the Surface. The Courier was reportedly cancelled internally before Microsoft announced it, but this new device could feature much of the same technology.


It’s unclear what the final form factor for the Centauru will be. It could have two displays side by side in a book like formation allowing the user to fold the device up when not in use. Or it could have a folding screen on the inside with a display on the outside similar to the Galaxy Fold. This would allow it to act as a Surface tablet and Surface Phone.

Whatever this device ends up being Microsoft is expected to announce it sometime in the fall of 2019, so we will have to wait until then to learn more.

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