Microsoft is planning on replacing their Edge Browser


Windows users rejoice as it appears Microsoft is working on a brand new version of Edge which could end once and for all the pains many people have with the Edge browser.


Released back in 2015 alongside Windows 10, Edge replaced the infamous Internet Explorer browser with what Microsoft said was designed to be lightning fast, lightweight and secure.

But as soon as it launched users were not impressed. Not only was it released with a number of bugs, but deep down users weren't interested in switching from other browsers back to Edge.

Flash forward nearly 4 years and Microsoft is giving up on the EdgeHTML rendering engine which powered their brand new browser.


Instead they are rumoured to be working on a new browser codenamed Anaheim which will utilize the Chromium rendering engine similar to what Google built their Chrome browser with.

This comes as great news for users who currently use Microsofts browser since this change will allow the new version of Edge, or whatever they decide to call it, to display websites the same way Chrome, Opera, or Firefox do.

Not only is it great for users but also web developers. As no longer will they have to worry about how Edge renders their site when designing it.

Currently there is no official announcement from Microsoft surrounding this new project, but its possible the company will announce the new browser sometime in 2019.

MicrosoftCurtis Paradisedge