Meizu Zero first phone without a charging port


I keep referring to 2019 as the year of the folding phone, but what about the year of the no port phone? If that's something you're interested in the Meizu Zero could be perfect for you.

The Meizu Zero is the first ever smartphone announced which doesn't feature a charging port, speaker grill, SIM card slot or any physical buttons. Is an abrupt transition from the phones we've grown to use in our day to day life.

For charging you may have guessed by the phone relies on wireless charging to get all its necessary power. Which is fine for your day to day life, but it might be a bit more difficult to charge your phone next time your in the car, or on a flight.


As for a speaker, the phone uses an impressive new technology which turns the display into a giant speaker. It's yet to be seen or heard how well this works, but I will admit its a rather interesting idea, assuming it works well.

On the side of the device, you won't find any physical buttons for power or volume. Instead, the Meizu Zero features touch-sensitive areas with a haptic feedback type sensation to give the user the perception of clicking a button without the actual button.

Last the device only uses an esim technology, so there is no way to pop your SIM card into this phone.

At this time the Meizu Zero will only be on sale in China, and no announcements have been made if the phone will be released outside China in the future.

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