Maroon 5 Has Officially Disappointed The Internet


Maroon 5 has just disappointed the Internet, here's how they did it.

It all started last month as it was announced that Maroon 5 would take to the stage during this year's Super Bowl halftime show. This was met with some interest online, but a more interesting online movement had begun to get the band to perform the song "Sweet Victory" as a tribute to the creator of Spongebob Squarepants, Stephen Hillenburg, who died in November.

Spongebob and his friends performed the song Sweet Victory for the so-called Bubble Bowl in the episode 'Band Geek" which aired back in 2001.

With over 1.2 Million people signing a petition Maroon 5 began to hint that they would be incorporating a tribute into their performance.

There were even leaks that the voice actor for Squidward had recorded a particular part that would be aired during the Super Bowl. This continued to further the rumours that the band would be performing Sweet Victory during the Half Time Show.

Then the time had come, the game clock struck zero after the 2nd quarter, and it was time for the much-anticipated half time show. The big question for many was would Maroon 5 fulfill their promise to the internet?

Part way through the performance it appeared that the fans would get what they wanted, we saw Squidward on screen, then Spongebob, and followed by the horns beginning the song Sweet Victory. Just as soon as they started the shot cut to an image of the earth and something hurtling towards it. It's at this time you begin to hear Travis Scott begin to sing.

Just as soon as the tribute appears to have started, it was over. There was no Sweet Victory performance, not even a mention as to why Spongebob just randomly appeared during the halftime show, and this is when the internet exploded.

From Twitter to Reddit it was apparent viewers were not impressed. Not only by the overall lacking halftime performance but by the lack of a proper tribute to the creator of Spongebob.

Soon after the performance had ended the top post on r/All of Reddit was directly related to the lack of a proper tribute. r/All

On Twitter Maroon 5 posted a simple tweet thanking fans for tuning in, but a quick scroll through the responses shows a reacquiring theme which includes Spongebob related gifs.


Even the NFL wasn't immune to these tweets as their tweet related to the halftime show is full of Spongebob related tweets and gifs.

So where did Maroon 5 go wrong? It seems pretty simple all they had to do was perform Sweet Victory and maybe verbally mention the passing of Stephen Hillenburg. It's not that hard, but instead, that did a hack job tribute combined with many other performers to make the worst Super Bowl halftime shows this decade possibly.


The NFL has uploaded the full recording of the halftime show to Youtube and already its receiving huge backlash in the comments and by simply looking at the like to dislike ratio.

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