Major Group FaceTime Security Flaw Sees Apple Disabling The Service


A major Group FaceTime security flaw has resulted in Apple disabling the service until a fix can be rolled out to uses.

Just last October Apple released a significant update to FaceTime allowing up to 32 people to video chat together in a single FaceTime call. This past week through a major security fault has come to light that would allow users to listen in on others using the feature.

The flaw was noticed when one user would attempt to start a Group FaceTime call with others before the others would answer the call, the original user was able to listen in on the other recipients even before they answered the call.

This means the system could be used to listen in on users without their knowledge. At this time Apple has disabled the service from their servers, making it impossible to start a Group FaceTime call. Once Apple finds a fix to this bug they will roll it out to users and re-enable the service.

This doesn't look good coming from a company who has been a pioneer in the user privacy world, but we do have to keep in mind that errors and bugs happen. Hopefully, Apple releases an update in a timely fashion which will resolve all these issues.

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