LG to Support HomeKit and AirPlay 2 on New 2019 TVs


LG is working to bring AirPlay 2 & HomeKit support to their latest TV's this year, bad news though for people who already own LG TV's as no software update is coming for you.

LG announced the change on their website today stating the update would be released this summer for 2019 TV's in the USA and South Korea, no word on Canada.

Along with the new AirPlay 2 support LG is bringing Amazon Alexa to their TV's also around the same time. As for Google Assistant, there are some features already built into this years lineup of TVs.

It's unfortunate to hear LG isn't bringing this software update to their current 2017 and 2018 lineup of smart TVs. It's possible the company is using this feature as a selling point of future TV's to entice users to upgrade.

Source: LG

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