Leaked Samsung Video Shows Off S10 & Galaxy F


A new leaked Samsung video appears to show off a version of the unreleased Galaxy S10 and the upcoming folding Samsung phone.

The video in question was uploaded to the Samsung Vietnam Youtube channel early yesterday then quickly pulled, but the internet being the internet Slashleaks downloaded the video so we can all get a better look.

The trailer appears to be a look into the future of Samsung products, with some things like a holographic tv, and a minority report style smart display or mirror. The most stand out features of the video were the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F leaks.

Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy S10 leak appears as two people are using the phone with an accessory as an ultrasound device, but in the shot of the back of the phone, it looks like the recent S10 leaks.

Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10

The other leak goes with the folding phone Samsung has been teasing for some time. This time we see a device that folds open to reveal a larger screen on the inside, similar to a book. This new phone is rumoured to be called the Samsung Galaxy F (F is for fold).

Even though the video was quickly pulled, its expected Samsung will show off these two new phones at their upcoming unpacked event happening on February 20th.

Source: SlashLeaks

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