Leaked Images of Microsoft's New Edge Browser Look Very Similar to Chrome


It was revealed last year that Microsoft would be abandoning their Edge rendering engine and adopting the Chromium rendering engine for a future version of their Edge browser. Now new screenshots have leaked online giving us our first look at the new browser.

On first glance, the edge browser looks very similar the Google own Chrome browser. The Home, Back, and even refresh buttons all appear to be the same. You can also see there is a built-in version of sync, and support for extensions. Some differences already noticeable include the photo of the day wallpaper within the application provided by Bing.

Currently, Microsoft is testing internal daily builds of this new Edge browser with an expected launch happening later this fall. Though the interface now looks very similar to Chrome its possibly Microsoft is just testing our the base code before adding a custom interface on top of it which will look identical to the current Edge browser.

For regular Windows users this new version of Edge should provide a much-appreciated update and bring the browser inline with speed, and utility we currently see in Chrome.

Image Source: Neowin

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