Jet Suit Inventor takes On The Royal Marines Assault Course


The real-life Iron Man suit is getting closer and closer to reality as today inventor Richard Browning showed off his new jet suit to soldiers at the UK's Royal Commando's Training Center.

The jet suit is designed by Browning who is the CEO of Gravity Industries working to bring this technology to market. The suit works thanks tow six small jet engines. Two engines are attached to the users back, while two others are connected to each arm of the pilot.


As a former Royal Marine reservist, Browning decided it would be a fun opportunity to not only show off the suit to the soldiers at the training center located in Lympston, UK but to also fly around their assault course showing off the abilities of the new suit.

Gravity Industries was founded in 2017 and currently doesn't have a set date, or price for their flying suit, so the dream of a real-life Iron Man appears to be still grounded in fiction, for now.

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